Whale Research & Tagging

Whale Research & Tagging aboard D/Y Valkyrie
July 21 - 26, 2019

During July 21st - 26th, 2019, The International SeaKeepers Society joined Dr. Ari Friedlaender and Brandon Southall of the California Ocean Alliance, as well as researchers from several institutions to conduct whale research aboard D/Y Valkyrie. The work consisted of tagging and observing humpback whales in Monterey Bay, California, while also providing a chance for kids to learn about whale research. The tags deployed and retrieve 1-2 days later record video, kinetics, depth, and location of the animals. This data will also be compared with the data received by underwater hydrophone receivers which sit at the bottom of Monterey Bay, and in turn will help the scientific community better understand the whales’ behaviors and communications.

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California Ocean Alliance
Moss Landing Marine Lab
University of California Santa Cruz
Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University

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