When Art Meets Marine Science


January 2024

Singapore, January 12, 2024 – Nan Hua High School students recently traded the classroom for the high seas, diving into an educational journey with the International SeaKeepers Society. This experience unfolded onboard the M/Y Star of The Sea, anchored at Marina at Keppel Bay, marking the nonprofit organization's start of its 2024 Educational Outreach Programme. The day's spotlight was on the vibrant world of Coral Conservation in Singapore, and leading this marine adventure were, researchers from the Tropical Marine Science Institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

To keep everyone energized, the Star of The Sea generously provided light refreshments and drinks, ensuring everyone was ready for the adventure ahead.
Gathering for a 3-hour exploration were 17 enthusiastic students, accompanied by two dedicated teachers. The floating classroom, a break from the norm, was part of the school’s broader Nagomi Art course: Harmony with Self, People, and Environment.

Nagomi Art Meets Marine Science
Offering more than just creating art pieces, the school’s Nagomi Art course, centres on the appreciation of self, people, and the environment through therapeutic art using soft pastels. It is a holistic journey, fostering self-discovery, interpersonal connections, and a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Teaming up with SeaKeepers Asia, the course fully engages students in the exploration of marine biodiversity.

Dive into Coral Conservation
The highlight of the day was the engaging lecture on Coral Conservation in Singapore. Ms. Sam Shu Qin and Rachel Mark emphasized the significance of safeguarding marine ecosystems. The students actively participated in a hands-on coral identification activity, immersing themselves in the underwater realm.

As a keepsake of the day, small giveaways were distributed to each participant, leaving them with a tangible reminder of their newfound knowledge and passion for marine conservation. In the spirit of collaboration and hands-on learning, Nan Hua High School's innovative education approach has set a new standard. By seamlessly integrating therapeutic art with marine science, the school has not only broadened students' horizons but has also empowered them to become stewards of the environment, creating a new wave of eco-conscious leaders.

Partner Sites

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