World Oceans Day Collaborative Cleanup


World Oceans Day Collaborative Cleanup
South Beach, FL
June 12, 2021

We had a wonderful weekend on South Beach - not exactly enjoying the nightlife, but keeping it pristine by keeping it clean! We partnered with Volunteer Cleanup, Clean Miami Beach, and Blue Scholars Initiative to get 120 volunteers out there to collect 99 buckets worth of trash for a total of 463 pounds. This huge event started with a cleanup and ended with opportunities for volunteers to continue the celebration by learning more about our ocean and how to protect her, whether that be by wearing reef-safe sunscreen or living more sustainably.

Thank you to our collaborators for helping to throw such a wonderful event and to our volunteers for coming to celebrate with us. We hope to see all of you back next year as we continue on the quest to a cleaner ocean!

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Volunteer Cleanup
Clean Miami Beach
Blue Scholars Initiative

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