Research. Educate. globe Protect and Restore.

The International SeaKeepers Society supports scientific research and
ocean conservation through our DISCOVERY Yachts Program.


The Earth as we know it cannot exist without healthy oceans

SeaKeepers is an organization that gives anyone the ability to help humanity restore and discover more about the marine environments of the world.

The International SeaKeepers Society supports marine science and conservation by utilizing yachts as platforms for marine research, educational outreach, and to deploy oceanographic instruments. Our efforts eliminate vessel costs and permit scientists to allocate those funds to maximize research potential.

Our Mission & Programs

Become a member of SeaKeepers & join our growing movement for a brighter aquatic future

Our program offers six levels of varying membership support. Member support goes towards the heart of our mission, the DISCOVERY Yachts Program, which facilitates research, exploration, and education at sea using private vessels. Your participation can provide a variety of experiences from engaging in a DISCOVERY Yacht expedition to attending VIP events held around the world.

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There are many ways you can donate to aid the SeaKeepers cause

Membership isn’t the only way you can help. We accept many different kinds of donations.

Why Should I Donate?

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What Can I Donate, and
How Will It Help?

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The International SeaKeepers Society events raise awareness,
celebrate achievements, drive donations, and unify the yachting community around ocean conservation.

Check our events page for information on recent and upcoming activities. Most are open to the
general public, and our members enjoy special benefits.

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