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2015 SeaKeeper Award Event
The International SeaKeepers Society is delighted to recognize the work of world renowned aquanaut, oceanographic explorer, conservationist and documentary filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau.
D/Y Penny Mae visiting Cocos Island
Take a look at what D/Y Penny Mae is doing. Penny Mae hosted a shark tagging expedition with SeaKeepers in 2014.
SeaKeepers Yacht Donation Program
Learn more about SeaKeepers Yacht Donation Program and view our available inventory to charter-to-own.

SeaKeepers Membership Program
Join SeaKeepers new membership program!

 Fabien Cousteau Blue Award
The International Superyacht Society names SeaKeepers the 2014 Blue Award recipient.
What We Do
SeaKeepers' mission is to inspire the leaders of the world to become a voice for the oceans by bridging the gap between good science and the business and yachting communities. 
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Interactive DISCOVERY Yachts Map
Follow drifter deployments, expeditions, and outreach programs through our interactive map.
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