Shark Tagging

Shark Tagging aboard D/Y Andiamo
January 7 - 14, 2019

During January 7th - 14th, 2019, The International SeaKeepers Society teamed up with the University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation Program and the University of New England’s Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab for a historical shark tagging expedition in Tiger Beach, Bahamas while staying aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Andiamo. The team set out to find and identify pregnant tiger sharks to determine where and when they give birth using new technologies to ensure gravid females and the next generations are protected. Click on the links below to learn more about this expedition.

Expedition Profile

Scientific Publications

de Sousa Rangel, B., Guimarães, R., Vieira, Y., Sulikowski, J.A., Hammerschlag, N., 2021. Metabolic and nutritional condition of juvenile tiger sharks exposed to regional differences in coastal urbanization. Science of the Total Environment (780) 146548.

de Sousa Rangel, B., Hammerschlag, N., Sulikowski, J.A., Moreira, R.G., 2021. Dietary and reproductive biomarkers in a generalist apex predator reveal differences in nutritional ecology across life stages. Marine Ecology Progress Series(664) 149-163.

Partner Sites
University of Miami’s Shark Research & Conservation Program
University of New England’s Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab
Fleet Miami

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