The International SeaKeepers Society unveils SeaKeepers E3 Cuba Experience: Ecology, Environment & Education


Miami, Florida – January 14th, 2016 - The International SeaKeepers Society announces the launch of its E3 Cuba Experience, which provides US yacht owners and charter guests with the opportunity to visit Cuba while supporting SeaKeepers’ mission. The educational program offers a blend of activities covering the three elements of focus: ecology, environment, and education, as well as engaging with Cuban people and scientists.

SeaKeepers recognizes the need to protect Cuba’s marine and coastal ecosystem and to preserve Marine Protected Areas. Over twenty percent of Cuba is already protected including a significant portion of its waters. To this end, SeaKeepers aims to advance and support the efforts of scientists in Cuba through a collaborative agenda that is customized to fit the interests and abilities of the yacht.

Cuba’s reefs are some of the largest and most pristine in the Caribbean, in large part due to Cuba’s continuing preservation efforts and lower levels of tourism. The E3 Cuba Experience focuses on observing and learning about Cuba’s environment above and below the water while traveling the island primarily by boat. This type of exploration via yacht provides access to more remote destinations and a unique Cuban experience. Participants return from Cuba with a better understanding of Cuba’s marine conservation efforts, the connectivity existing between the ocean and society, and an overall greater appreciation for the marine environment and its inhabitants.

The cornerstones of the SeaKeepers E3 Cuba Experience are: engagement with students and scientists of marine research and protection efforts, deployment of a SeaKeepers Drifter, and documenting the marine environment with a DISCOVERY Detective Kit. Findings will used to assist ongoing marine research in Cuba. This program will involve collaborations between SeaKeepers vessels and scientific and academic institutions.

Interested parties can sign up for itineraries ranging in length from 5- 14 days by registering their vessel with the program through the website at: or emailing [email protected].

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