What We Do

The DISCOVERY Yacht Program is comprised of scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, and educational outreach events. SeaKeepers collaborates with numerous organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies in order to accomplish its DISCOVERY Yacht missions. SeaKeepers staff work closely with yacht owners and crew to coordinate research and outreach activities that reflect each yacht owner’s ocean-related interests.

The degree of participation can vary from a 10-minute instrument deployment while en route to your next port to an afternoon outreach trip with children to week-long expeditions with a team of expert researchers. Vessel owners who generously donate time on their yachts to the SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Program may qualify for tax benefits to the extent of the law and will be honored at SeaKeepers events, featured on the SeaKeepers website, and recognized for their research and conservation efforts in the SeaKeepers newsletter.


Scientist-led Expeditions

Scientist-led Expeditions provide yacht owners, guests, and crew the opportunity to participate in ongoing research while engaging with influential, well-established marine scientists.

SeaKeepers works with experts in the marine science and oceanography fields to promote and facilitate groundbreaking research.


Citizen Science

Citizen science expeditions offer an opportunity for vessel owners to get involved in smaller-scale marine research initiatives.

These expeditions do not require scientists to be aboard, but they permit vessel owners and crew to participate in ongoing research projects which depend on the participation of non-scientists within the community.


Educational Outreach

SeaKeepers work with marine educators and other non-profits to provide classrooms and small groups with local marine biology field trips, and also have online resources available for classes that are unable to travel.

The goal of our resources is to provide fun, interesting ways to engage the next generation in environmental conservation.


Community Engagement

SeaKeepers shares its mission of ocean research and conservation with local communities throughout the year. Headquarters is actively involved in multiple Floridian communities, taking part in scientific seminars, educational events, beach cleanups, and yachting industry functions.

Similarly the SeaKeepers Asia Chapter organizes community engagement opportunities throughout the year and activities can be found on their page.


DISCOVERY Vessel Portal

SeaKeepers is proud of an extensive fleet that has provided support around the globe. The program’s existence is through the generous support of private vessels which are made available for scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, educational outreach events and community engagement activities. SeaKeepers is extremely grateful for the many different types of vessels which participate in our DISCOVERY Yacht Program and comprise the Fleet.

However to match the demand for oceanographic research, we are still in need of more support to satisfy the demand. Begin your search for an ideal vessel to host an expedition or submit your project for vessel support.

DISCOVERY Yacht Program Partners

  • Dive Butler
  • Fleet Miami
  • MetOcean
  • University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
  • Argo
  • Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
  • Beneath the Waves
  • Bill Fish
  • Biscayne Bay Water Watch
  • Boswell’s Marine Ecology & Acoustics Lab
  • Changing Seas
  • Duke University
  • EPIC Marina
  • EYOS Expeditions
  • FIU College of Arts, Sciences & Education
  • Florida Biodiversity Institute
  • Global Drifter
  • Global FinPrint
  • Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance
  • Global Marine Travel
  • Global Oceans
  • Global Oceans Design
  • Golden Gate Cetacean Research
  • Grand Isle Resort
  • Island Garden
  • Liquid Yacht Wear
  • Massasoit Community College
  • Miami WaterKeeper
  • NOAA
  • Nova Southern University
  • OGS
  • PBS
  • Propel Yachts
  • Sailfish Marina
  • Schoolyard Films
  • Sea Grant Florida
  • Semester at Sea
  • Shark Research Conservation
  • Stanford University
  • The University of California
  • University of Florida
  • University of Miami
  • University of New England Lab
  • University of Rhode Island
  • university of washington
  • Whitney Lab for Marine BioScience
  • WPBT
  • Youth Making Ripples