Blended Learning at Deyi Secondary School

February 2022, Singapore

In collaboration with Deyi Secondary School, The International SeaKeepers Society, Asia Educational Outreach Programme team, co-constructed an e-lesson package entitled “Islands that Made Us”. This lesson was conducted online based on a “plug and play” concept, which includes a documentary video followed by a quiz game. The lesson package exposes students to the different islands and the marine habitats and biodiversity around Singapore. This will help to raise awareness regarding marine science and the conservation efforts taken to tackle global ocean issues.

With the learning materials provided by SeaKeepers Asia, Ms Eleanor Wong, a Geography teacher from Deyi Secondary School, converted the lesson to an online learning package on Singapore’s Student Learning Space (SLS). This online lesson encompasses a Channel News Asia Video (“Islands of Singapore: The rich marine life of Pulau Jong”) and an interactive thinking tool where students got to reflect on their key takeaway from the video (picture below). The documentary features various islands that make up Singapore and its biodiversity and gives an insight into the work of the marine scientist and volunteer community which takes place on the islands. The interactive tool allowed students to read what other classmates have shared as well, encouraging deeper learning between students.

Screenshot of CNA Video on SLS.

After which, students participated asynchronously in a quiz segment on Quizizz that was embedded into SLS (picture below). The quiz focuses on the marine biodiversity of Singapore and some interesting facts about the islands around Singapore.

Screenshot of Quizizz embedded in SLS.

This lesson package crafted on SLS was allocated online to Deyi’s Secondary 3 and 4 Pure Geography students during their Blended Learning day to complement their learning about coasts. Students completed the online package from home. A total of 38 students benefitted from this lesson package.


What is blended learning and how does it differ from home-based learning?

According to the Ministry of Education, Singapore, “Blended learning is a mix of home-based and in-school activities that taps both online and offline approaches to learning. Blended learning is a key feature of the schooling experience in Singapore to further develop students' "ability to be self-directed, passionate and lifelong learners".

Through Blended Learning, regularly scheduled Home-Based Learning Days will complement teaching and learning in schools. Blended learning prepares students, teachers and parents for a situation where schools could switch quickly and seamlessly from one mode of learning to another in the event of any disruption - such as examinations and marking (for national examinations), floods, transport breakdowns or even another pandemic.

What is the Student Learning Space ( SLS)?

The SLS, developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, is an online learning portal that transform the learning experiences of Singaporean students through the purposeful use of technology to enable students to engage in different learning modes, including self-directed and collaborative learning. All school leaders, teachers and students in the national school system have access to the SLS.

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