Asia Awards Dinner 2022

February 8th, 2023

The International SeaKeepers Society’s Asia Chapter held its fifth annual Asia Awards Dinner at ONE°15 Marina, Singapore, on Saturday, November 5th, after a two-year hiatus. The dinner was held to present the SeaKeeper of Malaysia Award and the Asia Achievement Award.

Annual Founders Event 2022

November 7th, 2022

Join SeaKeepers at an exclusive gathering of the yachting community’s most influential members on Wednesday, October 26th. Enjoy an evening inspired by navigators and voyagers as we honor our 2022 SeaKeeper of the Year and recognize the group of yacht owners and captains who support programming year-round.

SeaKeepers London Reception

October 6th, 2022

SeaKeepers hosted a private cocktail reception ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show at The Shard in London, England. We announced our United Kingdom launch event planned for May 2023. We highlighted our new UK partnerships and recent programming activities that include global Citizen Science initiatives, Scientist-led Expeditions, and Educational Outreach.

The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis

August 12th, 2022

Team SeaKeepers is committed to paddling 80 miles across the Atlantic Gulf Stream in one night to bring awareness to cystic fibrosis. Follow our journey. Our individual team members have combined digital forces to create this incredible fundraising team page.

The Maiden Factor Foundation Event

May 10th, 2022

Join SeaKeepers on Monday, May 2, 2022, to honor Tracy Edwards MBE and benefit The Maiden Factor Foundation. The Maiden Factor Foundation was conceived primarily to benefit global educational programs for disenfranchised young women and girls who have little or no access to education.

SeaKeepers Award Event 2022

April 13th, 2022

An exclusive gathering of the yachting community’s most influential members unite to honor The 2021 SeaKeeper of the Year, Commander Victor Vescovo, present the NextGen Award to Blue Latitudes Foundation, and acknowledge a dedicated group of yacht owners and their captains who have supported SeaKeepers programming in 2020 and 2021. Highlights from DISCOVERY Yacht expeditions will be shared with guests, and members will be recognized.

Quick Tips for Buying Carbon Offset Credits

September 30th, 2021

Offset providers act as aggregators and retailers between project developers and buyers. They provide a convenient way for consumers and businesses to access offset credits from a portfolio of projects.

It is often a good idea to work with someone who has a detailed understanding of the sectors or project types being considered, which in some cases could involve enlisting multiple experts.

What is Carbon Offsetting and What Are Carbon Credits?

September 30th, 2021

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to compensate for emissions that were produced elsewhere. Offsetting can be achieved by purchasing “carbon credits,” which fund certified climate action projects that reduce, remove, or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

How Do I Calculate My Carbon Footprint?

September 30th, 2021

Online carbon footprint calculators allow you to determine your carbon footprint based on many aspects of your lifestyle, including your home, your vehicle, your travel and even your diet. These calculators use known average emissions for each factor to determine how much carbon you are likely emitting during the course of a year.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

September 30th, 2021

Every day, our activities directly and indirectly result in the emission of greenhouse gases. Your “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, that are likely produced from your lifestyle and activities. Greenhouse gases can be emitted through land clearance and the production and consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods, materials, wood, roads, buildings, transportation, and other services.