What is Carbon Offsetting and What Are Carbon Credits?

September 30th, 2021

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to compensate for emissions that were produced elsewhere. Offsetting can be achieved by purchasing “carbon credits,” which fund certified climate action projects that reduce, remove, or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. By using a carbon footprint calculator, an individual or company can estimate the amount of carbon their activities release into the atmosphere and offset it through the purchase of carbon credits, effectively funding such carbon-reducing projects.

Many companies sell carbon credits that fund various projects, and therefore it is important to do your research into the projects being funded when selecting a carbon offset provider. There are several carbon offset providers that support the advancement of carbon reducing technology and research, effectively offsetting carbon for each carbon credit purchased. To learn more about how to ensure your carbon credits are being used effectively, read our “Criteria for the Evaluation of a Carbon Offset Provider” section below.