Global FinPrint

Globally, shark and ray populations are diminishing. It is estimated that approximately 100 million sharks are removed from the ocean every year. Global FinPrint aims to conduct surveys on coral reefs using baited remote underwater video (BRUV) to fill in the missing information about the decline of these elasmobranch populations. By learning more about human pressures and environmental factors (water temperature, coral cover, fish population density, and fishing pressure) influencing sharks, rays, and skates, and investigating their ecological and economic roles, scientists will better be able to promote their conservation. Global FinPrint’s initiative involves getting the public involved by training civilians to operate the BRUV’s and collect data to broaden the study’s geographic scale. Through an open-access database, the data will be made available to other scientists, governments, students, and the general public, to maximize conservation and marine education.
Some particular sites include Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dry Tortugas, however, Global FinPrint aims to collect data worldwide. Educational supplements and crew involvement will be available during the expedition.

Requirements: The 5-10 BRUV frames that will be used disassemble and therefore require little storage space. Room required for bait storage and potential SCUBA gear.

Time Commitment: Seven-day trip minimum, flexible timing throughout the year.