Seabed 2030 Project Newsletter

Welcome to our first SeaKeepers Seabed 2030 newsletter. We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us and to share the impact of what your efforts are contributing to. Newsletters will go out every 6-8 weeks to keep our participants up to date on the latest information being generated by the data collected. Progress on project milestones will also be shared and can always be found here.

Group Engagement

On June 26th, 2022, brave paddle boarders and kayakers took to the open ocean to compete in Piper’s Angels’ The Crossing to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Participants paddled 80 miles from Bimini back to Lake Worth, Florida accompanied by support vessels. Our thanks to Piper’s Angels’ leadership for giving us the opportunity to engage vessels in the Seabed 2030 Project. During this event, SeaKeepers Program Director Tony Gilbert and Program Associate Katie Sheahan installed loggers onto six of the event’s support vessels. We look forward to more events like this where we can support other non-profits and our mission at the same time.

Program Team, Tony Gilbert and Katie Sheahan, installing a data logger on an X4CF support vessel.

SK/V DISCOVERY traveling from Bimini to Florida with a Seabed 2030 data logger onboard.


We are happy to announce that there are now data loggers onboard 11 vessels around the world and counting! If you know anyone that would like to install a logger, please refer them to Katie Sheahan (contact info below).

Seabed 2030 has announced that the latest GEBCO Grid figure now stands at 23.4 percent, reflecting an increase of 10.1 million square kilometers of new bathymetric data from last year’s figure. This increase is equivalent to an area around the size of Europe and slightly larger than the Sahara Desert.

Vessel Spotlight

We received our first map made from data collected by the DISCOVERY Yacht Swift of Southampton! A huge THANK YOU goes out to them for data collected and submitted on travels from North America to Panama. They are now headed to the South Pacific and beyond.

Depth map made by Swift’s Seabed 2030 logger.

DISCOVERY Vessel Swift of Southampton.

Reminders for Participants

If you participate in the Seabed 2030 project and have not sent us your signed SeaKeepers/Seabed 2030 Agreement, please do so as soon as possible and email it to [email protected].

Please send us pictures of your vessel so we can update the website!

Remember to check the SD card or USB flash drive in your logger on a regular basis and download the data to send to us. We are working on calculating a rate at which these microSD cards usually fill up, but until then, we recommend checking every couple of months, or more often if you are consistently traveling. You can share the raw data in the Dropbox link you’ve been sent.

Contact Information

Please contact Katie Sheahan for any questions you may have or materials you'd like to share.

Katie Sheahan, M.A (she/her)
[email protected]
Program Associate
255 Aragon Avenue, Third Floor | Coral Gables, FL 33134
P: 786.924.6209 | C: 719.464.3030