A Green Guide to Boating Announcement

As a non-profit organization focused on oceanographic research and conservation, A Green Guide to Boating offers advice, resources, and examples of what makes a green boater. It’s time to take the next step in protecting the oceans you love. A Green Guide to Boating highlights the best practices for recreational boating and raising awareness on ocean sustainability and conservation.

As recreational boaters, you can adopt good boating practices that protect the ocean and reduce your carbon footprint. Proper handling, responsible vessel maintenance, good refueling, repair, and storage habits preserve clean water and protect the animals that live in it while keeping you and your families safe.

Scan the QR with your cell phone or click the button below to download the guide.

"Do not leave shore without a copy of ' A Green Guide to Boating,' a wonderfully rich source of wit and wisdom about how to explore and enjoy the ocean with a light touch, and of inspired ways to safeguard 'what's under the boat' - Earth's living blue heart."

Foreword by Dr. Sylvia A. Earle
Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Explorer, Author, Lecturer, & Nat Geo Explorer

"People of the sea: boaters, divers, surfers, fishermen, and vacationers alike have always had an integral relationship with our ocean world. For too long we have taken advantage of our water planet by abusing her as an endless resource and a universal sewer. In order to do our part, we must not just take what she offers, we must nurture and protect her as well. 'A Green Guide to Boating' is an excellent common sense 'relationship therapy' book which can help us find a balanced relationship with our life support system, our ocean planet."

Foreword by Fabien Cousteau
Aquanaut Ocean Conservationist & Documentary Filmmaker

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