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Looking for a free educational experience for your students? Our request form offers on-site conservation lessons, floating classrooms, virtual webinars with Seakeepers scientists, lesson plans for educators, and educational coastal/dive cleanups. Topics covered include water quality, marine ecology, pollution, oceanography, and more! With options for in-person and virtual learning, your students will gain a deeper understanding of marine conservation. Complete our request form today to start planning your next marine science adventure!

Program Summary

The International SeaKeepers Society offers free educational outreach focused on ocean conservation and research. This program offers in-person and online activities for children of all ages, free of charge. In partnership with marine educators and other non-profits, we provide classrooms and small groups with local marine biology field trips and digital resources for classes that are unable to travel.

The program is also designed to provide training for teachers on marine science issues, allowing educators to take their personal experiences on the water back to their classrooms, and share valuable insights and lessons with their students.

Resources provided include, lesson plans, presentations, marine science kits, and activities. The goal is to provide a fun and interactive way of impacting the next generation in social responsibility and environmental conservation. If you are interested in working with SeaKeepers to create a marine conservation experience for your classrooms, please contact our programming team directly at [email protected].

Educational Outreach Calendar

SeaKeepers educational outreach is focused on marine wildlife, plastic pollution, sustainability practices, water contamination and more. SeaKeepers staff work closely with the yacht owner or marine industry business to determine the appropriate type of participant group and outreach content, as necessary. Increasingly, an emphasis on green boating practices and highlighting emerging technologies that transition vessels from motor yachts to cleaner energy sources are included as part of the presentations.

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Educational Floating Classrooms

Through the DISCOVERY Yacht program, SeaKeepers staff works closely with yacht owners to increase programming for kids aboard vessels. Our “Floating Classroom” program connects school groups with local marine educators who teach them about local waters and marine conservation. If you are a teacher or parent looking for hands-on opportunities to get your kids excited about ocean conservation, or a marine educator looking for more opportunities to work with students, click below!

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Teacher Workshops

The International SeaKeepers Society and partners invite middle and high school educators to apply for a two-day, three-night professional development opportunity in Miami, Florida. Through hands-on field experiences and research, teachers will use Biscayne Bay as a case study to explore anthropogenic impacts on different ecosystems found along coastal communities. Teachers will receive a Certificate of Completion for this professional development activity. Don't miss out on this exciting professional development opportunity and apply today!

Junior SeaKeepers Program

The Junior SeaKeepers Program is an opportunity for students in grades 10 – 12 to get hands-on experience with oceanographic research while educating the local community about marine conservation issues. Students will learn about marine science topics from local experts while receiving training in conducting scientific research and science communication. The goal of this program is to give young ocean ambassadors the tools to not only understand the problems that face our oceans but to make a difference on a large scale. Apply today or learn more by clicking the button below.

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SeaKeepers Ocean Trivia

Are you up to date with your ocean facts? Try our Ocean Trivia and test your knowledge!


“The kids loved the activity, even though it was challenging. I love that it made them think and use math! It did help them gain a better understanding of the food web, and why it’s so important that we take care of our oceans (and other habitats).”

- Mrs. Spencer, Grades 4, Murtaugh Elementary

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