Ghost Fishing: A Scary Situation

During a SeaKeepers coastal cleanup this month, a few volunteers came walking over carrying a large square object that seemed to be made of netting or wire. They had pulled it out of the shallow water at Morningside Park, a large park in Miami that borders Biscayne Bay where SeaKeepers holds cleanups once a month.

From Rain to Marine Debris Disaster

South Florida is notorious for its long rainy season and the street flooding that accompanies it, whether it's a short rainstorm or a hurricane passing by. This flooding destroys cars and homes, and can make it very difficult for some people to navigate their neighborhoods.

Is Your SPF Doing More Harm Than Good?

When we talk about ocean pollution, plastic usually takes the spotlight, and reasonably so. It has been reported that plastic was found in the deepest part of our ocean- the Mariana Trench- and is present on shores and beaches around the world. Plastic pollution is a huge threat to our ecosystems, as it can entangle marine organisms or be ingested by them, possibly leading to starvation and death.

Do You Know How to Recycle?

Today, the mantra, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” is recognized by most people and even is part of the curriculum taught in schools to children as young as 9 and 10. In the face of an intensifying environmental crisis and increasing anxiety surrounding climate change’s acceleration, we view this being commonplace in education as a good thing.

Current Events in Climate Policy and Carbon Impact

Scientists have warned the public for years about the threat of climate change and have been met with little response. While many of us ignore what seems to be pessimistic white noise, it’s really a desperate cry for help, and experts can’t seem to grasp how it’s being so casually discounted.

We Know Cars Are a Climate Problem … But What About Your Plate?

Excessive carbon emissions have been raising concerns across the world for quite some time now, and for good reason. They are the driving force behind the harmful increase in average global temperature that leads to the plethora of negative environmental effects known collectively as, “climate change.

Fashion and Sustainability: Can the Two Co-Exist?

The Problem
We hear a lot about carbon emissions and global warming but what does this really mean and how are we contributing to the issue? Carbon dioxide emissions are a complicated topic - too big for any blog post to tackle in its entirety. Put simply, CO2 is one of many greenhouse gases polluting our atmosphere, skyrocketing as human consumption continues to increase annually.

How Can I Reduce My Own Carbon Emissions?

Since the industrial revolution, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses have risen exponentially as humans burn fossil fuels with increasing efficiency. Models have estimated that in the 800,000 years prior to 1950, CO2 levels rarely reached concentrations of 300 parts per million (ppm), whereas today atmospheric CO2 is well over 400ppm.